Thursday, January 29, 2015

Republicans Begin Moving To The Left Of Democrats

A few weeks ago the 2012 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney made headlines when he talked about wealth inequality and about addressing poverty.

This morning, National Public Radio personality Steve Inskeep noted that Republican presidential hopefuls who spoke at a Koch Brothers debate last weekend also talked about wealth inequality, and on other issues sounded "more moderate" than Democratic president Barak Obama.

Mother Jones magazine is out with an article about liberal policies being taken by "tea party favorite" and prospective Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson.

It's quite natural that Republicans would start talking about issues like poverty and wealth and income inequality. Many of the working class whites whose votes they rely on have begun seeing first hand that these issues are of critical importance to them.

A recurring theme of this blog is that Democrats have become much more conservative over the past 30 years. I've shown how they've adopted Neoliberalism, i.e., Thatcherism, i.e., Reaganomics, i.e. austerity. I've put this shift in the context of a conservative swing by ruling and financial elites in the West, i.e., in our hemisphere and in Europe. I've written about how the shift has become institutionalized; i.e. it's been adopted by institutions like the World Bank and IMF, which are spreading Neoliberalism to the developing world by requiring other countries to adopt "austerity measures" -- cut taxes on the rich, cut social spending, reduce the power of unions -- before they accept the West's money.

I've repeatedly shown statistics and charts demonstrating that the effect Neoliberalism has had on the American working class -- people who work for a living --  is to hold down their living standards and wages, and how in conjunction with Reaganomics' upward wealth redistribution policies -- lower taxes on the rich, reducing or eliminating programs that help the working class, and deliberately weakening unions -- it's what has caused the tremendous inequality we're seeing between the 1 percent and the 99 percent, which is now worse than it was in the 1920s and has gotten so bad even the mainstream media now talks about it.

Remember that after the 2012 presidential elections it was being said of Republicans that after soundly losing two successive presidential election to an African American Democrat they were in crisis and would have to change if they were to regain the presidency. They're doing just that.

And Democrats aren't changing. Democrats are still voting to cut Social Security, Medicaid, Head Start, veteran's benefits, federal employees' retirement benefits. Democrats are running around having their pictures taken in front of beautiful landscapes. They're talking about climate change, alternative energy, government spying, abortion rights, and the are not talking about the declining fortunes of the working class and are not doing anything about it.

Democrats are sailing along, taking Wall Street and corporate money by the freight train load, assured in the belief that the shifting demographics of the country are on their side. Democrats are smugly ignoring the pain and economic insecurity of America's working class, just as they've been ignoring their own Left, because they think there's nowhere else for those people to go. Republicans have taken note of the Democratic Party's abandonment of the working class and are beginning to take advantage of it.

I can't offhand think of anything more richly ironic, or that makes me detest any more vehemently the current crew of lowlife office holders who call themselves Democrats.

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