Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Truck Driving In Bolivia

A woman Bolivian truck driver navigates the road to La Paz.

That truck stop at the beginning is an independent, not a national chain, I'm guessing.

It's definitely not in America. There are ash trays on the tables, like there are in Texas, which is also not in America.

Bolivia, of course, where current president Evo Morales, coca grower and trade union leader, made history in 2005 by being elected the nation's first indigenous president and in October was re-elected to a third term with 60 percent of the vote, is on the Bolivian Road To Socialism.

Evo Morales - AFP photo

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  1. The woman doing the driving has to be an extra ordinary person. She seems to take the driving in stride and not really realize the danger involved in what she is doing, normal for her under the circumstances.