Sunday, January 18, 2015

UNM Bosses: Why Ain't No Students Coming?

"UNM seeks answer to declining enrollment" reads the headline in the campus paper the Daily Lobo.

Here's a clue for the UNM regents and president:

While most Americans' living standards declined in the past 30 years, Democrats and Republicans were lowering taxes on the wealthy and corporations so many times they no longer pay a significant amount into our collective coffers. We the people pay it all, out of our shrinking paychecks.

That's why colleges, public schools, and governments at all levels are always in crises mode. And in response they keep cutting social spending, including many types of college tuition funding such as Pell Grants and outright payments to educational institutions.

The federal and state governments caused these problems by adopting Reaganomics, and to solve them, local governments have also adopted Reaganomics.

By the way, UNM's solution to increase enrollment is to spend some of their limited funds on gussying up some buildings. They don't even mention charging less for tuition.

Note: That the yellow line in the above chart keeps rising, because it shows the "median" income, the one in the middle, which rises even as working class income decline because incomes for the top 10 percent have skyrocketed and incomes for the top 1 percent have gone galactic.

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