Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Venezuela Looks To The East

Every day, headlines in the US media, as they have for years, pronounce Socialist Venezuela on its last legs.

I have a segment on my Google news page set up to capture stories about Venezuela and the scorn and ridicule heaped on that country by the mainstream media is relentless. Like the stories the infamous Rory Carroll, longtime Latin America correspondent for the Guardian used to write, the stories are devoid of content and most are sourced from the Venezuelan oligarchy that would love to turn the country back into a feudal Gringo colony for a handful of silver, or the US interest section in Caracas, the defacto embassy. In other words, the mainstream media acts as the propaganda wing of the US State Department, which is actively trying to destabilize Venezuela and bring about regime change and collapse of the Socialist economy. With supporting votes by New Mexico's legislators. The mind set is, 'Don't you dare try to find another way besides US dominated Capitalism, even if the people of the country want it and repeatedly vote for it election after election. We, the US State Department, We, senators from New Mexico, will decide what's best for you.'

Inflation is high in Venezuela, just like it always has been, not as bad as it was when the oligarchy ran things, and the price of oil is down, which hurts Venezuela's oil dependent economy. But as WT Whitney Jr writes in Counterpunch, Venezuela isn't alone any more in fighting back against the US imperial agenda that would destroy any alternative to US dominated Capital in what the US considers its back yard. As has been reported here, a host of Latin American alliances have been brought into existence to do what the US dominated OAS, World Bank and IMF had done. And now there's China.

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