Monday, February 9, 2015

Communism Takes Over

A post about Communist tires, Communist computers, Communist cell phones, and drones, written at 5,116.9 feet above sea level plus or minus 62.3 feet.

I bought some new tires for the International recently. Right away the guy at the TA truck stop started pushing some Communist Chinese tires. I have nothing against Communism or China but wanted Firestones or something, something that sounded like good tires, but all those were twice as much as Communist Chinese tires. My truck has the old size tires, which are a couple inches taller than most trucks use now, and I wanted to keep the same size but the old size had to be "special ordered." We're talking a $3,000 difference for the set of eight drive tires.

Communist tires
My old tires were nearly bald. With the new ones, with all that new tread on them, I'm registering six to seven miles less per night on the odometer for a 486 mile round trip, which is down to 480 miles now. The engine, the axles, differentials, almost all the moving parts turn over fewer times in the same distance. That's why I didn't want the new type tires, which I think would have been even worse in the other direction. The engine would have turned over faster, more wear and tear, more fuel, and the speedometer would have been off.

Self portrait on Communist computer

About eight years ago I switched over from Windows to Apple products, which are apparently all made in Communist China.

I'd always been curious about Apples. I was going through a Windows laptop a year on the road. The ones I had, which were HP and Maytag, as I recall, didn't seem to take the jostling around or the vibration and something made me think Apple computers were solidly built. That could be true. I still have that original iBook 4 and it still works alright, so either the computer is more solid or I learned how to care for a computer in the truck better. I'd probably still be using that computer but it's no longer possible to update it, or most of the programs on it.

Having a laptop and cell phone that were ideologically compatible would make transferring things easier, I figured, so when I needed a phone I got the free Communist iPhone deal -- last year's model for free if you signed a two year contract with either Verizon or AT&T. I picked AT&T because I'd read that they're unionized while Verizon isn't. I'd heard AT&T doesn't work very well in New Mexico but I didn't need to talk on the phone. I just needed to have a phone bill in a hurry, so I could register my International. A phone bill is required for proof of residence by the New Mexico Department of Motor Vehicles Commercial Division if you want to register a semi truck. I used to have a pay-as-you-go Trac Phone, which was quite suitable for my needs. If you're on an interstate or major highway you almost always have a signal. Trac Phone rents space on other companies' networks. They used to be sold mainly in truck stops so I suspect the service areas were rented out with trucking in mind.

I've had the apple cell phone for almost two years now and am using the internet functions more and more. I also try an "app" once in awhile. A week or so ago I found an "app" that shows your elevation. It actually uses your GPS location.

"App," I think, is another word for "program." I've asked several people whether that's true but have never received a straight answer. I suspect people never questioned what an "app" is. We're on a ship of fools. No one questions anything. I question everything, including why I question everything. I get no answers and live in constant turmoil.

I've always been interested in elevation, and I was curious about the elevations I went through on my nightly run: Albuquerque to Holbrook and back on I-40. The middle screen shot, where it says "Gallup," is the highest point I found. It was actually taken near the Continental Divide exit, about mile marker 40, which is 20 miles from Gallup.

Add caption

It gives the longitude and latitude. I suppose those GPS devises do that, but I've never had one. I noticed that as I was driving along I-40 the longitude "seconds" reading changed about once per second. I was going about 60 mph -- 62.5.

I took this last screen shot as I was driving over the river on the I-40 bridge. A bridge is the best way to get across a river in a truck.

Since Continental Divide is roughly halfway between here and Holbrook, on each leg of my run I'm going uphill halfway, then downhill halfway. Since I've realized how much the elevation varies, when I have to make up some time I've begun waiting until I'm going downhill. If I could just figure out how to control the wind speed and direction I could take everyone to Dairy Queen.

I was playing around with Google Maps on my Communist cell phone and it located me in my apartment, more or less. The little blue dot is supposed to be where my cell phone is, but as you can see from these three screen shots the blue dot kept jumping around. My apartment is in the building with the white roof that's near the blue dot. I live in the corner apartment nearest the blue dot, on the ground floor. There are trees outside, too. The sun never strikes my apartment, which is depressing but makes for better sleeping during the day during the summer. I can keep the whole apartment cool with one small Communist Chinese standing air conditioner from Lowe's.

I can see how the government will assassinate me with a drone if and when they decide to do it. I can also see why, in places like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen, where our government has been assassinating people with drones without benefit of a trial for quite awhile now, most of the people killed are innocent people and not terrorists. There's an "app" called Metadata that keeps track of drone deaths.

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