Friday, February 13, 2015

Michelle Grisham: Don't Worry Big Business, I'm Your Gal

Michelle Grisham, our Democratic First District US congressional representative, is bragging about a bill she cosponsored that got passed. In an email I just received because I'm on her mailing list she said, "I'm proud to have been a sponsor of this bi-partisan bill..."

This kind of language -- making a point of pointing out that what she supported is "bi-partisan" -- is typical of her. It's typical New Mexico Democrat speak. You hear it all the time from all of our Democratic delegation.

It means, "This is a Republican-supported bill so there's nothing in it that would displease corporations." 

It means, "This isn't a bill that will help working Americans."

It means, "Don't worry big business, I'm still on your side."

New Mexico's Democrats, who are essentially Republicans who may or may not have a few liberal positions on social issues, almost always vote with Republicans on economic issues, and vote against the interests of the working class they are supposed to represent. All of them have voted to cut Social Security, Medicare, Head Start, veterans benefits and federal employee retirement benefits. None of them advocate for the working class, ever. None of them will even utter the word "union" in public.

I say they are liberal on some social issues. They don't advocate for liberal positions on social issues. If they hold those positions they keep it very quiet. Grisham has said she is in favor of equal pay for women but on all other issues she keeps quiet. All of them do.

Democrats like this are why Republicans control congress. Democrats like this are why wealth and income inequality are now worse than they were in the 1920s gilded age, when the country was run by tycoons and workers slept next to their machines. Democrats like Michele Grisham, Tom Udall, Ben Lujan and Martin Heinrich are a disgrace to the word Democrat.

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