Friday, February 13, 2015

Netanyahu Speech - Contact Congress

New Mexico federal legislative delegation contact details including a link to send an email.

Member NameDC PhoneDC FAXContact Form
Senator Tom Udall (D- NM) 202-224-6621 202-228-3261
Senator Martin Heinrich (D- NM) 202-224-5521 202-228-2841
Representative Michelle Lujan Grisham (D - 01) 202-225-6316 202-225-4975
Representative Steve Pearce (R - 02) 202-225-2365 202-225-9599
Representative Ben Ray Lujan (D - 03) 202-225-6190 202-226-1528

Republicans have invited Israel's prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak before a joint session of congress as part of a scheme to derail President Obama's nuclear negotiations with Iran. Some Democrats are boycotting the speech but so far no New Mexico Democrat has summoned the courage to risk the ire of the powerful Israeli lobby.

Also, here's a link to automatically send a form email to the two senators and your representative all at one time from the activism web site Roots Action. Using this form will put you on their email list. I used it earlier today and have received nothing yet. Note that you have to uncheck some boxes if you don't want to be put on some other lists, too, such as Code Pink. Typically it's easy to unsubscribe from such email lists by clicking a link that's at the bottom of every email they send out.

Note: If you click on the member's name, above, it has some interesting information about each one such as key staff members, the committees they're on, etc. There's no information on whether they have a criminal record.

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