Thursday, February 12, 2015

Netanyahu Speech Controversy And Our Brave New Mexico Democrats

A growing-by-the day list of Democrats including Vice President Joe Biden will be boycotting the controversial upcoming speech to a joint session of congress by Benjamin Netahyahu, Israel's prime minister. Netanyahu's speech is intended to disrail President Obama's negotiations with Iran over its nuclear policy.

I haven't seen many mainstream media headlines about the controversy but it's being covered by inside the beltway outlets like Politico and the Hill and in minute detail by that segment of the Leftist Jewish press where open debate is ongoing about Israel's brutal occupation of Palestine and theft of Palestinian lands, such as Mondoweis. IN some of these outlets the speech is being called a tremendous blunder that has eroded the once invincible power the Israeli lobby holds over the US congress and has taken away Israel's veto proof majority of support for Iran sanctions in the US Senate.

Daily tallies are published listing senators and representatives who have announced whether they will be boycotting the speech, some of which also list those who have said they will definitely be going and who are straddling the fence.

Nowhere on any of these lists is a New Mexico senator or US representative, who are taking the customary non leadership roles they take whenever there's a controversy. Typically New Mexico's Democratic politicians use the tactic perfected by former senator Jeff Bingaman and hide under their  desks in their office until the controversy goes away.

The tactic works well as there is no New Mexico media outlet with broad circulation that covers the federal government or questions NM's delegation about any of the policy positions they take, which leaves NM's Democrats free to create their own highly sanitized news about themselves by issuing press releases and making occasional appearances in the state.

As a result New Mexico's Democrats -- Marin Heinrich, Tom Udall, Michele Grisham and Ben Lujan -- are free to support Reaganomics economic policies that harm their constituents but keep the campaign donations rolling in. They can take a pass on confronting the Israeli lobby and never have to take any responsibility for Israel's ongoing theft of Palestinian land and its periodic massacres of Palestinian men, women and children in Gaza. New Mexico's Democrats can expect to hold onto their fancy offices as long as they want to, continue cashing their generous paychecks, continue enjoying the status and perks that come with their offices, and can pretend they never heard about the ongoing project Israel has been pursuing since its inception in 1948 which is to exterminate the Palestinian people and have all of their land for themselves.


  1. I had not thought about this, I will contact all of the NM delegation and urge them to boycott the speech. Thanx for the post, it will cause me to contact all of them.

  2. Thanks NM. I emailed them about a week ago but I think I'll do it again.