Sunday, March 22, 2015

A Telesur Article About US Government Efforts To Destgabalize Leftist Latin American Governments

An article at the Telesur (see note below) web site lays out a lot of what the US government does these days in terms of its efforts to destabilize Leftist Latin American governments. I've written about those efforts many times. They are talked about often in the Leftist media, but this article assembles a lot of it one one place and provides specific examples. Some of this makes it into the mainstream media sometimes; for example The New York Times might mention it in an article deep in the paper once in awhile. It's not a big secret except to most Americans.

Much of the US government's destabilizing work is done through a few agencies that are part of the State Department, such asThe United States Agency For International Development, USAID, and the National Endowment For Democraqcy, NED.

If you have any doubts about the ideological bent of US policy toward Latin American governments that are experimenting with Leftist or Socialist economic models, just consider the board of directors of the NED. It includes people like Elliot Abrams, a key Neocon in the Reagan and both Bush administrations who was involved trying to overthrow Nicaragua, Robert Zoellick, anotyher Bushie who served time as the president of the World Bank which has transitioned into one of the primary ways Neoliberalism (Reaganomics) is being imposed on developing countries, famed right wing author Francis Fukiyama and Moises Naim, a Venezuelan official during the days of pre Hugo Chavez oligarchic rule in that country. As I've mentioned her many times, Venezuela is one of the primary targets of destabilization efforts and the old oligarchy is the primary tool the US uses there. It controls most of the media there and is still very much in business despite some limited nationalization efforts by the Chavez and Maduro governments. The nationalizations get a lot of attention in US mainstream media which never mentions the oligarchy.

This article says that a lot of what the US government used to do clandestinely through agencies like the CIA it now does openly through agencies like NED and USAID. That might be so, but I don't believe the CIA doesn't have things going on in those countries. An agency like that doesn't just shrivel up and go away and has to keep justifying itself.

Just this week Ecuador's president Raphael Correa was talking about CIA involvement in organizing anti-government protests in his country.

US meddling in Latin America is almost as old as the US is, and few examples are listed in the article. It's important to not, though, that the meddling has always had a marked conservative ideological bent. We overthrow Leftists and install conservatives and fascists.

Similarly, in domestic affairs the US government (and many large law enforcement agencies) spy on, infiltrate, suppress, and beat the crap out of protesters and activists on the Left, and environmentalists, but leave right leaning groups and individuals pretty much alone. Recall how when the tea baggers had a big confab in Washington DC a few years back and they were running around with assault rifles and bis pistols strapped to their hips. There was hardly any law enforcement presence there at all. The difference is that the tea baggers are big supporters of Capitalism and its mission to get everyone's money and destroy the planet along the way.

Note: Telesur is funded primarily by the Venezuelan government, plus a few other Latin American governments. It's similar to Al Jazeera in that regard; it's not bad journalism but it's not going to say anything bad about the host governments, and it's propaganda in the way CNN or the New York Times are American propaganda. There's a lot of selective reporting in those, and you read something in them and either believe it or not. Like Al Jazeera, Fox News or CNN, Telesur employs actual professional journalists and is similar to them in the quality of the journalism. 

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