Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Another Middle East Country Down The Drain, Another US Policy Failure

As Yemen disintegrates before our eyes, it's time once again to point out the fact of the colossal failure of US Middle East policy. Initiated by George W Bush and continued unabated by Barak Obama, it has left the region in ruins, and, as many on the Left warned it would at its onset -- the launching of the wars against Afghanistan and Iraq -- has caused an explosion of radical Islamic terrorism.

Supporters of anti-U.S. Houthi rebels, Sanaa, Yemen, 1/28. (Mohammed Huwais/AFP/Getty)
Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria are destroyed. The US did the first three itself, leaving behind failed states on a colossal level, and achieved the fourth with a proxy opposition in Syria. The US wages drone warfare on Somalia and Yemen. Somalia has been overrun by terrorists and Yemen is now in civil war.

The orange jump suits of the ISIS executioners are meant to recall the Muslim men the US has been torturing for over a decade at its Guantanamo Bay torture camp. The young men and women who are flocking to the Middle East to join what they see as a struggle for survival by Middle Easterners and Muslims are well aware of who their enemy is.

In a brief article Chicago attorney and De Paul University professor Leonard Goodman lays out why they hate us, not for our freedoms but for our violent Middle East policies.

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