Sunday, March 8, 2015

Ethnic Cleansing Of Palestine Continues

While Republicans gave a boost to the Zionist prime minister's re-elections chances last week, devastation and ethnic cleansing in Palestine continue.

Gaza - Anne Paq / ActiveStills

Almost nothing in Gaza has been rebuilt since Israel's brutal slaughter this summer of more than 4,000 Palestinians, who are trapped inside the coastal enclave on three sides by Israel and a fourth by complicit US client state Egypt.

Only a trickle of the millions pledged for rebuilding efforts has materialized and Israel continues its brutal blockade of Gaza, keeping out building materials, medicines, agricultural supplies and all but a small ration of UN provided food. Tens of thousands of Gazans live in UN schools, tents, or among the rubble of their former homes.

West Bank home demolition - Yotam Ronen / ActiveStills

Meanwhile in the West Bank, Israel's ethnic cleansing of occupied Palestinian lands continues, with home demolitions, land confiscations and increasingly rapid settlement building especially in East Jerusalem, the Palestinian half of that town.

There was not a day in February that Israel troops didn't fire on Palestinian civilians, the UN reports.

Meanwhile our elected officials, who know what goes on in Palestine, for their own self interest let the Palestinians rot in hell.

Note: These photos are from a layout by online news magazine Electronic Intifada; The Month In Pictures: February.

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