Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Europe Complains About US Aggression In Ukraine

European officials in an article in der Spiegel are expressing fear and anger about the US aggression in Ukraine that's destabilizing Europe and threatening nuclear war. They are complaining about NATO military head and US general Phillip Breedlove, and the US state department's assistant secretary for European affairs Victoria Nuland, a neocon holdover from the Bush era, repeatedly undermining their efforts to negotiate a peace between the US installed Ukraine government and eastern Ukrainians who want independence or closer ties with Russia.

You don't have to be a fan of Vladmir Putin to know the conflict in Ukraine is entirely the doing of the US. US undercover agents and state department officials helped organize and then publicly encouraged last year's violent street protests by right wing fascists and Eurocentric bourgeois elements in western Ukraine, maneuvered to scuttle a settlement European powers had negotiated to peaceably end the situation, handpicked Ukraine's new leaders, and then immediately recognized the illegitimate coup government.

US state department's Victoria Nuland handing out cookies to Ukrainian protesters

The US takeover of Ukraine by proxy, recall, follows several decades of  the encirclement of Russia by the US via NATO with former Soviet Republics being brought into NATO and then equipped with ballistic missiles, anti Russian defensive missiles and other modern US weaponry and with US advisers and troops.

It's a similar situation to the one with Iran where elements of the US power establishment would rather have war than peace, and in both cases it's directed against a countries, Russia and Iran, that haven't attacked anyone and pose no threat to anyone.

The der Spiegel article, which documents repeated instances of Breedlove lying about Russia's involvement in Ukraine, often timed to coincide with sensitiveness points in negotiations, is notable in that it represents a rare break with what has been a shameful mainstream media campaign to mischaracterize Ukraine as Russian aggression, and it tends to validate the way Ukraine has been portrayed from the beginning by some in the Left media, and here in my web log -- as US aggression.

Der Spiegel goes easy on President Obama, suggesting he can't control the war mongering neocons he's surrounded by -- or has surrounded himself with, you can argue -- in which case he's been out of control from day one as under his watch the US has been waging nonstop war and aggression. From backing the coup in Honduras and immediately recognizing that coup government, from continual efforts to destabalize Venezuela and illegally oust its legimitate democratically elected government, to the destruction of Libya, to the destruction of Syria, to his extra judicial assassinations by drone in Yemen and to Pakistan and elsewhere, to North Africa, to his "pivot to the east" with which he's using the same tactics the US used on Russia to encircle China, this has been one war mongering, violent, non peaceful, illegitimate president.

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