Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Grisham Under Fire

New Mexico's 1st district congresswoman Michelle Grisham is coming under harsh criticism for a Facebook post about Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech before congress yesterday, in which she perpetuates the myth that Iran poses a nuclear threat to Israel and the world that isn't even taken seriously in Israel, where elections are underway and Netahyahu's speech was seen merely as a ploy to boost the Likkud Party's election chances and likely damaging to Israel's security. New Mexico political operative and commentator Jim Baca has posted a succinct, biting analysis of Grisham's comments on his Only In New Mexico blog that reads in part:

This is without a doubt the biggest bullshit statement I have ever....ever seen come out of a Congressional member who pretends to be a democrat but shows no inclination to act like one.  Never will I support her again.  Lujan is pandering for donations from pro Israeli PACs, the defense industry, and anti peace operatives.  It is nauseating.

Grisham's mealy-mouthed post attracted dozens of critical comments on her Facebook page. Usually what you read there are adoring comments from uninformed admirers who know nothing about Grisham except the self-promotional propaganda she puts out, but many people visited today to express their disgust at her not boycotting the speech as did NM senator Martin Heinrich. You might have to page down a little as it appears she's furiously posting things to try to bury her  Netahyahu post.

Grisham attended the speech with an Albuquerque rabbi in tow, heightening the aura of blatant pandering she's created.

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