Sunday, March 8, 2015

Inferior Temporal Cortex Gone Wild

Muslim girls aren't forbidden to wear makeup, at least in some sects, and with the eyes discreetly highlighted and emphasized, and with the imagination left to fill in the blanks, compelled to, really, most of them filled in by a mix of unconscious impulses central to our being and to the survival of the species, well, you get the picture.

So what, I ask you, can get the synapses popping faster than a pretty Muslim woman in a veil? I think I may have found the answer: A Black female country music singer.

I didn't even know there was such a thing, but apparently there have been one or two, according to a piece about young Black Country singer Mickey Guyton in The Guardian, where -- another surprise -- they are big country music fans. Maybe the British got tired of populating the world with super-mega Rock and Roll stars.

But Country music, like it or not, is closely tied with the US South, and by both inference and design with the white supremicist barely disguised ever present until today good old boy redneck nature of the United States, which manifests itself not only internally but in a foreign policy based essentially on bombing and stealing from and taking over and exploiting and bossing around countries populated by brown people.

There's always been that race mixin' though, the allure of the forbidden and exotic that eventually overpower the prejudice and social constraint, that has always caused white men and women to cross the tracks at night and caused someone to be waiting and holding the back door open. Which you can now do in broad daylight without getting arrested and even, I hear, on TV.

All of it comes together, I'd say, in the person of Mickey Gurton, who also happens to be pretty talented. She has a strong if not highly schooled voice, a good deal of natural expressive ability with it, and apparently has some song writing talent, too. There's a youtube video of her at the White House singing the Patsy Cline classic Crazy to a surprised and delight President Barak and Michelle, and one of a newly released single that's apparently getting a lot of airplay. She's on the Capital label, which means sufficient promotion. The money boys in Nashville and at Capital Records must be wringing their hands with ironic glee.

Note: This blog, which appears to be written by a Muslim feminist, in a series of very short essays has some insights about what constitutes beauty, how it's a socially constructed concept and so forth, and how those things differ in our world and the Muslim world.


  1. "So what, I ask you, can get the synapses popping faster than a pretty Muslim woman in a veil?"

    Ohhhhhh my, for me it is Dolly Parton in a nuns habit, maybe NM Representative Nora Espinoza in a bandana?

    Whatever turns your crank.