Monday, March 2, 2015

Michelle Grisham Betrays Democrats Again

While our senators Martin Heinrich and Tom Udall were holding fast last week to filibuster Republican efforts to use Department of Homeland Security funding to block President Obama's immigration reforms, Michelle Grisham was over in the House voting with Republicans against them.

Michelle Grisham
Someone has posted a link to her Facebook page to a Daily Kos story that describes her treasonous vote. It tells how Grisham was one of 12 Democrats who abandoned their party, their constituents, their president, and went against their leadership's directive, to vote with Republicans.

And the thing is, their votes weren't even necessary. The bill had already been decided. Grisham and the other 11 just cast them to have it on record that they had sided with with the Republicans, knowing, in Grisham's case at least, that she would pay no political cost for it back home in New Mexico where she's free to create her own image because things like this aren't reported and people don't pay much attention to what their legislators are doing.

This is the latest and most egregious example of a pattern Grisham established as soon as she went to Washington, of taking very visible Liberal positions on a few social issues and voting with Republicans on economic issues.

What it amounts to is that she's a Republican who's in favor of abortion and gay marriage, but who cynically runs as a Democrat because it helps her chances of holding public office.

Grisham's net worth has more than doubled in the short time she's been in office to almost a million dollars, last time I checked, according to official forms federal officeholders must file, that are leftovers from a more enlightened, more Liberal era. It will be interesting to discover if there's any link between her conservative voting habits and her mushrooming wealth.


  1. She will be interesting to watch over time, she may follow her uncle, Manuel Lujan, Jr., in the way he voted. We will see. Her ambitions probably lie beyond the U.S. House of Representatives. Not sure she can come up with a statewide following. As for me, it would depend on who she was running against. I feel about her about as I do about Senator Heinrich, it all depends who they are running against. At this point neither of them inspire a lot of confidence in me.

  2. Hmm. Governor? President? Heinrich and Udall are in for life, aren't they?

    That's a good point though, her ambitions, when it comes to thinking about the votes she casts and things she says now. She's gotten herself in the media lately with the police killings issue, and with what seemed to be a poverty speech before the legislature, from the account I read. I'm always complaining that those guys don't use the platform they've been handed. I'd like for them to use it to rile up the public, of course, foment revolutionary tendencies and things like that. She's not going to that but at least she's figuring it out. The rest of them just hide in their offices all the time.