Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Payback Time

American supporters of Israel's Zionist project to eradicate Palestinians from their native land are aghast at the first real pushback against Israel by a US president in decades, as President Obama and various members of his administration take advantage of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netahyahu's demagogic campaign rhetoric to tee off on Israel's occupation of the Palestinian territories.

Although the Obama Administration has been somewhat outspoken in its criticism of Israel's relentless and ongoing theft of Palestinian land via settlement building, it has for the most part adhered to the Washington Consensus of unconditional support for Israel as it ethnically cleanses Palestine.

But it appears to be payback time for Netanyahu, who has slighted the president in various ways in word and deed during Obama's tenure including with last month's speech before a joint session of congress that Republicans used to publicly embarrass the president -- that was boycotted by NM Senator Martin Heinrich but which NM Rep Michelle Grisham  used to ingratiate herself with the Zionist Lobby by publicly snubbing the president.

For Grisham and the other Democratic members of congress who turned their backs on their president and party's leader by attending the speech and demonstrated their subservience to the Zionist Lobby the payback can't come soon enough.

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