Monday, March 16, 2015

Privatization Under The Democrats

As Chicago's mayoral race heats up people are assembling data on "1 percent Rahm" Emanual (as he's called by a Chicagoan I follow on Twitter) the Neoliberal (ie Reaganomics) Democratic incumbent and former Obama Administration chief of staff.

 This graphic is from an In These Times an article How To Sell A City laying out some of Emmanuel's vast privatization accomplishments.

After I wrote an earlier post about this race in which I talked about his challenger, who would be Chicago's first Latino mayor, I considered writing a post about why I'd be interested in the Chicago mayor's race. I grew up in the greater Chicago area, across the lake in rural Michigan, and most of the media I was exposed to was Chicago media, and there were many Chicago ex pats living around me including some of my main drinking buddies who were Irish Catholic Democrats. Also, the election is a test case for whether people are going to get the message about Neoliberal Democrats and send it to the political establishment. The transition of the Democratic Party to a Neoliberal Reaganomics party has been gradual and ushered in by slick talking social liberals like Bill Clinton and people really never noticed, I don't think.

Maybe our NM elected officials didn't either. I wish just one New Mexico legislator would stand up and make a clean break from Reaganomics, but so far they are all still firmly on board with it and it's turning America into a third world country very quickly now. Democrats allied with Republicans are now trying to push through this Trans Pacific Partnership treaty, TPP, which is an updated version of NATFA for the Pacific rim, and another one with Europe, before Obama leaves office. NAFTA, recall, which devastated the American industrial base and small farming in Mexico sending millions north looking for work, was passed under Clinton, because Democrats are able to hold back the natural opponents of something like that.

I hope the people get the message and rise up, and when they do Democrats will change their spots in a big hurry, but Democrats could take it upon themselves to (a) stop selling us out to Reaganomics and (b) inform and organize against it.

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