Thursday, March 5, 2015

Stars Upon Thars

Someone has assembled some of those statistically colored maps showing those corollaries between ignorance and its consequences. (Patrick Andenall has, an ex Republican who's written a book, Stupidparty: Math Vs Myth, that from the excerpts and articles he posts is informative and bitingly funny.

The South lags behind in many measures for a couple of reasons. It never caught up after the Civil War, when it was laid to waste economically; in part by the destruction of war and in part by the destruction of its agricultural based free and cheap labor economy. Then, after the war, Southern states neglected large parts of their populations -- African Americans and working class Whites -- failing to educate them or provide them with health care and other social services according to a conservative, Capital friendly ideology.

The irony is that the South has finally won. Through the Republican Party they have won the war of ideas. Democrats have adopted Reganomics. The map of the rest of the country will become more South like as public education is destroyed, wages stagnate and living standards decline everywhere, and as Democrats continue to vote like Republicans on economic matters and otherwise do the bidding of their ruling class masters.

Soon we'll all be like the Sneetches in the Dr Suess book, not knowing if we're better than our neighbors to the South, or North, or not.

Disclaimer: The color gradations on the maps might stay the same, though, if the south declines as fast as the rest of the country, which it well could. As Republican governors in old union dense industrial states like Wisconsin and Michigan eviscerate unions and drive down living standards and wages, the flow of industry to the South that's been going on for three decades will cease. And if you save up your whole life, never take any time off, if you're lucky enough to not be out of work for too long at a time as the economy shifts ever more to causal, precarious labor, you might be able to take a drive through there and see what poverty is really like.


  1. Nitpicking here, but even with this resolution I can see the error in the map titled "Slavery". The western boundary in red, which I assume is meant to illustrate/highlight the old southern slave states, is too far west at the Rio Grande del Norte, that is in error. Only the Texans ever considered this, and even that was a farce on their part.

    But I do agree with the web post. I fear that the American people are being hoodwinked by the Republicans. But you have to give the Republicans credit, their "hot button/wedge issue" management skills puts the Democrats to shame. Just a for instance they manage the religious issue and influence a huge number and the Democrats "manage" the LGBT issue and influence a few... Just look at the issues that the parties highlight.

  2. Good comments, NM. Thanks.

    I searched around for awhile to see where that map might have come from and that demarcation line looks like some old maps that showed the Texas Annexation of 1845. That's probably what you're referring to though. Some of the maps show Texas as reaching to the Rio Grande while others include the part outside of actual Texas but delineate it as land Texas claimed.

    This one is from the Wikipedia article Texas annexation

    That's a good point about the numbers involved in wedge hot button issues.

    Abortion might be another thing Democrats have mishandled and if you consider abortion to be a subheading of feminism, that's another thing, and if you include all of them under the heading "identity politics" that's yet another. Some people on the Left complain that Democrats abandoned class based politics in favor of identity politics.

    I suppose the Republican strategy we've been admiring was in part at least a strategy to blunt the affects of a politics based on economic class, which can unite more people than anything, although the Democrats have done a good job of negating that themselves. But in terms of what you're talking about, sheer numbers affected, LGBT is the winner.