Monday, March 9, 2015

Union Busting Obama Ally Rahm Emanuel On The Ropes In Chicago Mayoral Re-election Race

Update: The Nation has something on this. It also reports different vote totals in the primary.

A Latino County Commissioner is reassembling the old Harold Washington coalition and is tied with Chicago's incumbent Neoliberal mayor Rahm Emanuel as they face an April 7 runoff.

Chicago for Chuy photo

In These Times reports on the race and the endorsement of Jesús “Chuy” García by Rev Jesse Jackson, a Chicago native whose Rainbow Coalition is headquartered there. García is a commissioner on the powerful Cook County Board. Chicago makes up much of Cook County.

Emanuel, a nominal Democrat and President Obama's first term chief of staff, in his first terms as mayor has attacked the Chicago teacher's union, closed scores of mostly minority neighborhood public schools and relentlessly pushed charter schools, a backdoor public school privatization scheme, and has worked to privatize many city services.  

García received 26 percent of the vote to Emanuel's 42 percent in a February primary that included a large field but is now even with Emmanuel in opinion polls. The winner of the April 7 runoff is expected to win the general election in November.

Chicago historically has had a large African American population. It has declined from a high of almost 50 percent in the 1970s to the mid 30s and the city is now now almost 30 percent Hispanic. García would be the city's first Hispanic mayor.

Former Mayor Harold Washington, Chicago's first Black mayor, is often cited for the coalition he assembled, uniting a divided Black community with Labor, Latinos and progressive whites to beat the powerful old Daley machine.


  1. It about time we got a "Chuy" in a position of power, even if it is in far away Chicago. Maybe in Chicago Jesse Jackson's endorsement stands for something, I don't know. Most other places it would sink ole Chuy.

  2. It is about time. Now if I knew how to pronounce "Chuy." I don't think I ever saw that word in print.

    Maybe Jesse represents one of those factions Harold Washington brought together. I think he's pretty big in Chicago, though. You raise an interesting question though and I wish I could say. His son was easily elected to the US House there, but then of course had to quit over corruption and then I think he went a little bonkers.

  3. Pronounced "chewey". Lots of them in New Mexico, the nickname popped up in the 1950's. I have no idea why. But you have not really lived if you do not know at least one Chuy in NM. Go out and look for one, maybe Barelas, Los Lunas, Belen or the South Valley. They are out there, trust me on this.