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Updated below 3/8/15 11:45 am
                        3/10/15 3:45  pm

I've been using the new Mac operating system Yosemite for a few days now. So far not too bad. It hasn't crashed or frozen up the computer.

I have a few complaints. The feature by which you can search your computer, called Spotlight on a Mac, has been totally redone and now sucks. Maybe I can figure it out, but as it's configured now I can't find anything in my computer. It's set up to search everywhere and sometimes it goes off searching the internet, sometimes it opens up Systems Preferences, the place on a Mac where you do all your settings. Why, I don't know.

Meanwhile I can still search the computer using a feature that searches everything in one file folder, called Finder. You can quickly show the whole computer as one file folder, then type in what you're looking for in the upper right window and hit Enter.  The only problem with that, as this screen shot shows, is that it also searches my backup drive where there are multiple copies of every file.

Another thing I don't like about Yosemite is that Image Capture, a program that comes with a Mac, which I always used to use to download photos from my camera or iPhone and was quick and easy to use, doesn't work on Yosemite, so I'm having to use iPhoto to download photos. iPhoto is the rudimentary photo editing program that comes on the Mac. It's fine for downloading photos but I don't like it because it makes multiple copies of every photo that goes into it and then hides them all over the computer, taking up vast amounts of space.

Apple had notified me several times that the Yosemite update was available, but after reading some user reviews of it I'd balked, but finally decided to go with it because I'd been having trouble connecting to the scanner function of my four-in-one printer. I read somewhere that maybe I needed to update my operating system, but I now know that that wasn't the problem and I'll have to fix that the hard way, by looking up things and trying things, or buying a new printer. I was going to do that, because this printer has a lot of miles on it, but I can't do that because I just bought over $100 worth of printer ribbons last weekend and they don't work on the new printers. I was raised by people who went through the Depression and expected you to clean your plate off before you left the table.

Update: The little icon you can use to control the volume of whatever audio is playing has disappeared. In looking for ways to get it back I notice some of the options for which Toolbars you can display have disappeared, too. Oy.

Update: The little icon is back. Somehow a setting had changed. It was in a sub menu deep in the settings area and one  I had never seen before and may have been a new setting on Yosemite.

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