Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Comment Left At The LA Progressive Magazine

Mac Coon says
 Your comment is typical of that of a USer who is a descendent of white, european immigrants who came to this continent as interlopers and who systematically eradicated the indigenous population while stealing their homeland right out from under them, and then either directly or indirectly benefited (and probably continues to benefit) from the labors of Africans who were kidnapped from their home continent and forced to work like cattle without pay or civil rights. It would be such persons who, as the descendants of the worst type of terrorists, aka ‘colonists’, later sought to legitimize their crimes by organizing as ‘states’, and then conspiring to unite as a ‘country’ in order to preserve their ill-gotten comforts and privileged lifestyle. And now today speak about ‘defending’ that status by depriving others of the same opportunities their ancestors illegally secured, even while those new immigrants are not nearly as malicious, inhumane, or despicably hubristic about their own aspirations as were the monstrous ‘colonists’. You should be ashamed of your contemptible self-centered smugness. Your type gives the rest of us USers a bad name.

And please note that I do not self-identify as ‘American'; to do so is an arrogant reminder to others of the hegemonic damages done by the US in the rest of the Americas, especially Latin America. In case you never took the time to notice, there are other ‘Americans’ in the world, and the US is not entitled to the exclusive use of that name.


  1. Mac Coon should realize that the world was different then, different standards applied and different standards will apply in a couple of centuries. In all reality different standards apply now. We, all of us, including Mac Coon are the recipients of our ancestors legacy, good and bad.

    The best I hope for is an honest accounting of historical events, a view from both sides.

    An excellent read to enlighten someone on historical perspectives is the book "Guns, Germs and Steel, The fates of Human Societies" written by Jared Diamond.

    A real eye opener, I highly recommend it. Worth the money and the time to read it at least once.

    We all need a basic understanding of what was in motion as the history of the human race progressed. it was not good vs evil, trust me. There was more to it.

  2. Thanks for the comment, NM.

    That's a valid argument, I think - the fact that standards change. Still, we can change our minds and recognize as unjust what wasn't recognized as unjust in the past, can't we?

    Owing to the wonders of modern technology, I read your comment just before leaving for work yesterday and within a couple minutes had Jared Diamond's book downloaded into my cell phone in audiobook form and for the amazingly low price of $5 and something. I started listening when I got headed west and I have to say I was mad at that guy halfway through the first sentence.

    No reflection on you, NM, but Diamond is setting up a premise in which he furthers the belief long held by western civilization that we're he civilized ones. Because we developed technology first, by so doing we conquered them, etc.

    There are other ways of looking at it. A society that's developed complex social systems where everyone's needs are met, where there's no crime, no war, where they've come up with ways of correcting the behavior of people who break the rules, isn't uncivilized because they use stone tools and sit on the ground.

    In our "civilization" we take retribution on people who beak the rules and make them worse. We kill people off by the millions. Just walk around the Middle East and smell the corpses. We have ten wars going on right now. We're the barbaric ones.

    I had to shut it off at Mesita because there was an accident that had traffic going stop and go, and then I was running late for the rest of the night, but I'll try listening to more of him tonight. I'm pissed off already just thinking about it. No offense.

  3. We can recognize as "unjust what wasn't recognized as unjust in the past". But if anything is a result of that recognition, it might be somewhat better treatment of those who are being conquered now. Not sure I want to bank on that as an individual and would not recommend any nation/group with "unprotected wealth" bank on it. We may wish different, but we will be wasting our wish.

    Life is not fair, not to the individual and not to the nations/groups. It never has and my guess it never will. It is what it has always been. For people and/or groups to move on to a higher plain or standard takes time, lots and lots of time. The world is not like "Star Trek" with a prime directive in place for dealing other peoples with less technology and/or level of"civilization".

    We, both the civilized and uncivilized, have responsibilities. The "uncivilized" to get up to speed, and quick. If not, you and yours, me and mine will always be on the news with a pack on a stick fleeing this violence or that violence. That is the fate of a people who cannot/will not move into the present, for whatever reason. The "civilized" responsibility is to kill as few of the miserable wretches as possible in the process of bringing them up to speed.

    I think those are the responsibilities. We may wish something else, but it will not happen. At least not if history is any indication.

    Another excellent book from a different point of view is "Che in Africa, Che Guevara's Congo Dairy" by William Galvez. It gave me a view of the problems associated with trying to assist someone who has not moved into the present with their efforts at do so. Not a pretty picture, but well worth the read if you do not mind looking at the problems faced up close.

    Anyway, I always enjoy reading your posts....

  4. No no no no no no no. Repeat after me: "With my dying breath I will be trying to overthrow Capitalism and bring about a better world."

    Seriously, I get your point. I've found myself a couple times coming to the same conclusions, my version of that same story, and thinking that for the sake of my peace of mind I will try to accept what is. I do not judge anyone who thinks like that, but, the people who inspire me most are the people who die trying. Think of the children and the example we set for them.

    I suspect you have both impulses in you, too, or you'd be playing video games or something like that full time and not continually reading, studying, learning, and being engaged in ongoing debates about justice, injustice and the nature of humankind.

  5. That's apparently a very valuable book. Used copies are starting at $20 and most used copies are going for around $100, one as much as $2,208.54, on Amazon.

    1. Another place to buy hard copy books is at, sometimes I can find books there. A good site, it sells from/for 1000's of independent booksellers, much like Amazon.