Thursday, April 23, 2015

Another One

In a bizarre ruling in a bizarre case, a judge has tossed out all charges against a Chicago cop who fired into a crowd of people, killing 22 year old Rekia Boyd. Prosecutors had charged the cop with reckless conduct and having an unregistered gun, and people are saying the case was mishandled, maybe intentionally. The result, though, is another Black person is executed by a cop, and another cop gets away with murder.

Meanwhile, Cornel West has posted  a brief statement on Facebook in response to the much publicized attack on him by fellow academic Michael Dyson.

Activist scholar Cornel West - 2014 mug shot


  1. I guess I missed the details of the first case. I do that a lot these days as its all to depressing...:(

    1. I agree.

      It's strange. I hear about a lot of things the average American doesn't, perhaps, because of the kind of things I follow, leftist, activist, socialist, environmentalist, but I only heard about that case because I check in now and then on a podcast made by some well informed Black people. "Strange" might not be the best word for it.

      Thanks for the comment.