Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Another Police Execution Of An Unarmed Man

A North Charleston, SC police officer guns down a man running away from him, then calmly walks over, handcuffs the dead man and plants evidence on him.

Before the cell phone video surfaced, the government said the man and the officer had been struggling. The government said witnesses saw it all. The media began dutifully vilifying the dead man.

At of now, #Walther Scott is the number one trending hash tag in the world

Like somebody posted, How many god damn people have to become hash tags before something changes. #Walter Scott.


  1. Cold blooded, no other term for this. Makes me wonder how many of these clod blooded murders have happened in the past. We would never have heard of this one or the one in Albuquerque if it were not for video cams.

    I wonder what was going through the man's mind as he ran? I wonder why the policeman felt the need to kill him?

    I hope the average citizen does not need protection from the protectors.

  2. Thanks for the comment, NM.

    That's the question; how many? The type of reading I do, which is safely on the fringes, is always full of examples of incidents like this, but it's not portrayed as an epidemic, or even a problem, on the evening news or in the Journal. On National Public Radio this morning, their piece about this shooting seemed to downplay it as much as they could. For instance instead of saying the cop shot the guy in the back, their reporter said the officer shot him "from behind" (I dictated the quote into my cell phone). Those were carefully chosen words, and he also said it's "not an open and shut" case. They were being factually being correct, but the cop had already been charged with murder, and this is in South Carolina, reddest of the red states, but the tone being set by NPR was 'don't worry about it, go back to sleep.'

    For me of course this all makes perfect sense in a larger context of an ongoing war on working people by the ruling class, the mass domestic spying, the ongoing militarization of the police, the steady erosion of civil liberties under the guise of the endless war on terror and all that, but people in general aren't thinking anywhere near in those terms. Still, you'd think eventually people will start sensing something's wrong. We do still have the internet, but in the Journal, the comments sections after police shooting stories are always full of cop defenders. They make comments like 'Well, why didn't he just obey police orders?' and the tone is that the victim probably deserved it anyway and that a little collateral damage is the price we pay to be safe from the bad guys. But in this video there was no order to stop. It was as you say cold blooded, and in the two articles the Journal has posted about this there are no comments. The police defenders have gone silent.

  3. Its old old news but its new news now too but people don't seem to recognize it. Same old shit without ropes ......mostly "legal" now.

    1. Exactly. And some of them claim, with a barely concealed snicker, that we're living in a "color blind society" now. Thanks, Troutbirder.