Saturday, April 4, 2015

Apple Capitalism

A few weeks ago I posted some of my remarks about the new Apple operating system Yosemite, including some complaints such as that it won't run the Image Capture program that comes on my Apple computers, and I was having to use iPhoto to download pictures from my camera. I don't like iPhoto because it makes 27 copies of every photo and hides them all over my computer.

I've since found out that I can also get photos out of my camera with the Preview program that comes on an Apple.

 It works pretty well but I haven't found a setting that makes it delete the photos from my camera after downloading them, which is handy thing.  But I did learn that I can quickly delete all the photos in my camera by just reformatting its memory card. It took awhile to find the right menu on the camera but once I did it was quick and easy.

Preview will also run my scanner. I use my scanner quite a bit, mostly when I bill for my sevices every two weeks. I scan copies of all my daily Trip Sheets for the previous two weeks and consolidate them on one page and send it in with the bill to justify what I'm charging. But lately my computer has been having a hard time "finding" the scanner and I was having to use a program that found the scanner itself. The printer software itself can do it, but Preview does it faster.

Since then I solved the original problem by updating the software on my printer/scanner/copier/dishwasher. It needed new drivers, apparently, that would work with Yosemite.

This kind of problem, the constant outmoding of things we're familiar with as computer companies change their software, used to be talked about and complained about but we have become so accustomed to it happening that I don't hear any complaining any more. People have internalized the fact that they have to spend a weekend or two a month learning how to use new software and gadgets they have to buy because the old ones are obsolete and don't run on new software.

Apple Capitalism

I've been having similar problems with my new iPhone. I say "new". It's last year's model, the  iPhone 5. Some of my old "apps" wouldn't run on it: Dragon Dictation, for example, which converts my voice to text, or the app that plays any one of the Pacifica radio stations through my cell phone.

Deleting old apps and downloading new ones helped in some cases but not in others. App, by the way, in case you're me, is a new word for program.

When I started in the trucking business two years ago I needed to have a phone bill to prove my residency to the state of New Mexico when I registered my truck. I got one quickly by getting an iPhone, and a service contract with AT&T. The bill was online in a day or two.

At the time Apple gave me an iPhone 4, which at the time was last year's model, for free if I signed up for a two year service contract. At the end of last month my two years was up so I called Apple to see if they'd give me another free phone. My old one was fine but I'd cracked the glass on it and was worried it would stop working. The iPhone 6 is out now, so I thought Apple might give me a free iPhone 5.

The woman on the phone from Apple looked me up and said "Yes, you're eligible for an upgrade!"

"Alright!" I said.

It turned out my upgrade was going to cost me $149. I could have got the $99 upgrade but I wanted the iPhone 5 with 32 gigabytes of memory, so I went ahead and go it.

I wasn't getting a new free cell phone, but then again I'd been half not expecting it to be entirely free, and the woman on the phone, who seemed to be a young Black woman working out of her home somewhere because I kept hearing random home noises in the background, was very nice, and I hung up feeling somewhat pleasant about the whole thing. I do need a cell phone to do various necessary communicating during the night, and I'm now set up for at least another year, maybe two.

After hanging up with the nice lady I got to thinking and went on the Apple web site and learned that a new iPhone 5 with 32 gigabytes of memory costs $149. You can get one with less memory for $99. In other words, a child abuser, or someone who's always late paying their bill, can get last year's iPhone for the same price as a loyal, responsible customer like me.

With my dying breath, I assure you, I will be trying to defeat Capitalism. If it's the last thing I do I will send these Capitalist bastards to hell.


  1. Is that a threat I hear, or is it free speech? Better keep an eye for the red blinking lights in your rear view mirror. Anyway, if there is a god they will get to hell all by themselves.

    Sortta tough for the likes of you and I though, as we are nonbelievers. Makes a guy want to get religion, let god do the dirty work.

    But I do understand the plight, we are being run over by technology. Not once, but again and again. We are not given enough time to learn how to fully use one "app" before it is replaced. My computer crashed a while back and I paid more to reload the old "Windows" program than a whole new computer with the new Windows would have cost me. I did not like what I saw of Windows 8.

    I will probably pay the price next time as Microsoft is no longer supporting the old one I have loaded and I will now be 2 generations behind.

    1. Thanks for the comment, NM. I say Amen. Ahem.

      Hopefully windows 9 will be better. Sometimes it works that way.