Monday, April 6, 2015

Can Chuy Do It?

The runoff election between Chuy Garcia and Rahm Emmanuel is tomorrow. The winner between these two Democrats is expected to be Chicago's next mayor.

Garcia, a member of the Board of Supervisors of Cook County which encompasses Chicago, is a traditional liberal Democrat and made a surprise showing in the Feb 24 primary election to keep incumbent Emmanuel from winning 50 percent of the vote, forcing tomorrow's runoff. I wrote about the dynamics of the primary race a couple of weeks ago.

Emmanuel, a former congressman and President Obama's first term chief of staff, is a New Democrat in the Obama/Clinton mold. He's in the process of privatizing many city services and has attacked the Chicago teacher's union. Chicago's mayor appoints the school board and Rahm has closed dozens of neighborhood schools in minority neighborhoods and pushed standardized testing and charter schools, a school privatization scheme.

Obama, of course, got his political start in Chicago, and one percent Democrats like Emmanuel and Chicago heiress Penny Pritzker, who is now Treasury Secretary, form his inner circle and core fundraising force.

Most polls give Emmaneul a small lead over Garia, but the same pollsters were surprised by Garcia's showing in the primary election and he has many hopeful and active progressive supporters, including the teacher's union, who are sick and tired of big business Democrats like Emmanuel, and Obama.

Note: I have it on excellent authority that Chuy is pronounced "Chewey" and that you haven't lived until you've met a New Mexican named Chuy.

Note: A Wall Street Journal article today suggests that the tide within the Democratic Party might be turning away from the Neoliberal (Reaganomics) economic policies embraced by New Democrats like Emmanuel, Obama, and New Mexico Democrats like Martin Heinrich, Tom Udall and Michelle Grisham and suggests it might manifest itself in a showdown over the future of Social Security, which New Democrats are surreptitiously seeking to privatize.

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