Monday, April 13, 2015

I'm Ready For Hillary, But Is She Ready For Me?

I'm not sure why everyone hasn't stopped what they're doing to observe Eduardo Galeano's passing.

TeleSur photo

Gunther Grass gets a mention, and rightly so.

Hugo Chavez gave Barak Obama a copy of Galeano's The Open Veins of Latin America which details the 500 year European and American rape and pillage of Latin America. Obama never read it, and neither has Hillary.

After eight or ten bottles of La Maja Sidra Leve Espumante Dulce Eduardo Galeano might have described her as a neocon pimp for Wall Street, or he might have said that after hearing her display as much gall as one person can possible display yesterday when she opened her campaign by claiming that she's for the working class, but he's dead, so we'll probably never know.


  1. Mostly I would like see Ms Clinton (if she is chosen by the DNC) elected is 1) She's bound to be better by a factor than the republican nominee 2) The precedent of electing a woman president 3) Who is going to be appointed in the supreme court in the next few years......I'd like to see Warren elected more, but that doesn't seem likely.
    Gunter Grass and Galeano passing in the same day........
    I'm in Seattle for another few days, been here getting some medical tests done and seeing the two daughters and grandkids. Did you know Seattle elected a Socialist to the City Council last year? K. Sawant, she's made quite a mark so far.

  2. Thanks for the comment SF.

    I did know about Ms Sawant! Things like that come along once in a red moon to delight me. The World Socialist Web Site podcast was just criticizing her last week for going along with the Democrats on the council - WSWS is a true believer group - but I think it's good for brand Socialism for anyone who attaches that label to themselves to be elected. I haven't heard much else about her tenure and would be interested to know in what way her mark is being made.

    I might end up going with that Hillary rationale, too, again. I voted for her in the 08 primary here for essentially those reasons, plus, I always wondered whether, when Bill was being harassed constantly through out his entire term, it wasn't she they really hated, the uppity woman, and a part of me wants to see their blood pressure rise to boiling. First the Negro, now that uppity woman!

    The supreme court argument doesn't hold as much sway with me any more, as the Democrats move further and further to the right. That's mainly about Roe v Wade being overturned, and related issues, so one way of looking at that argument is that everything else important to the working class -- wages, living standards, health care, everything -- is held hostage to a woman's right to choose. The corollary is that it doesn't matter what else a candidate might do once in office, as long as they are pro choice.

    I will probably vote for her too, though, in the end, like I did for Obama, then spend the next eight years kicking myself for it.

  3. I'm promoting Sen. Warren in my DFL caucus. Who knows what can happen? As to women's issues if women had run things worldwide in the last few centuries think how much better off we all would be....:)

    1. Good for you. That's important if for no other reason than to give people pause. I once voted for Jesse Jackson in a local caucus in South Carolina and ended up being a delegate to the state convention. I rode up to Columbia with a Black guy who'd voted for Clinton.

      I thought women had been running things for the last few centuries. That's why we're in the mess we're in.