Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Lonely Plight Of Purvi Patel

Purvi Patel, 33, of South Bend, IN, was sentenced yesterday to 20 years in prison for "feticide" -- basically for having a miscarriage and throwing the fetus in a dumpster.  The crime she was convicted of is one of those crimes the anti choice crowd got passed to go after people who perform abortions.

Patel was also convicted of child neglect, and some the handful of articles expressing displeasure at the verdict say they are displeased because the charges contradict each other.

And several of the articles I've read are using the case to charge the anti choice crowd with hypocrisy. They're saying that the anti choice crowd always promised that these "feticide" laws wouldn't be used to go after women, only abortion doctors.

What strikes me, however, is that there's no groundswell of outrage from women's rights advocates. There were no massive demonstrations to try to get the prosecutor in St Joe County, IN, to back down, and there's been nobody at this woman's side.

Abortion rights advocates like to say that pro-lifers are only pro life until the child is born, then they forget about the child. They point out that pro-lifers are usually the same people who do everything they can to take away programs that would help the child grow up healthy and happy.

In this case, it seems the woman's rights advocates are doing the same thing. If Purvi Patel had been denied an abortion presumably they'd be in Indiana in numbers and be providing lawyers and giving her all kinds of support and publicity, but once Purvi Parel's fetus was out of her womb, the women's rights groups and feminists weren't really interested, except to register some amount of displeasure after the fact, and to call the anti choice crowd hypocrites.

I wonder if there's a racial bias, too. Patel is the first woman ever convicted of the crime of feticide, i.e., killing a fetus. PRI says Patel "comes from a family of Hindu immigrants from India."

Another woman was charged with the "feticide," also in Indiana, but the charges were later dropped. Her name was Bei Bei Shuai. She's an immigrant from China.

In other words, both women are minorities. Neither was white.

Minority and poor feminists sometimes refer to a bias in feminism and say that mainstream feminism seems to be only concerned with the problems faced by white middle class and upper class women. I wonder if that's why Purvi Patel is facing 20 years in prison, and facing it alone.

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