Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Announcing Pamela Geller Drawing Contest


Send entries to Stupid City, Texas


  1. Manuel Armijo, the last Mexican governor of New Mexico before the American occupation and annexation of the province once said "Pobre Nuevo Mejico, Tan Lejos del Cielo y Tan Cerca de Tejas." Translated it is "poor New mexico, so far from heaven and so close to Teaxs."

    New Mexicans have always had a healthy distrust of all things "Texan", hence the political slogan "No Tejana Susana" as related to the current occupier of the New Mexican governors mansion..

    1. I'm a fan of Manuel Armijo already. That's got to be one of the all time great quotes, NM. Thanks.

      As for the current occupier, I've just been doing some reading about the No Tejana Susana campaign. I guess I was just beginning my Nuevo Mexicano self education around that time so that phrase and her sordid history of Tejananess, divorce and Texas campaign cash is all pretty much news to me. How on earth did that woman get elected? A Joe Monahan column from that time discussing the No Tejana Susana effort speculates that her popularity (among otherwise sane and intelligent Texas distrusting New Mexicans) had to do with her appearance.

      Joe says: "Both of Martinez's parents were Hispanic and the candidate speaks Spanish. A number of northern observers also say Susana's "look" connects with Hispanic families."

      Her look? Geez, I don't know. To me she's very pretty, built like a middle linebacker and bleaches her hair. I think I'll try running for office.

      I don't doubt there's some truth to that, though. I've long thought a good portion of all of the voting public votes based on looks.