Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Free speech on the run, even in the home of the brave

Which is the title of a column containing some comon sense from Canada.

In the right hand column of this blog I link to Watching America, a web site that translates selected articles from the world press, or if the article is in English they just link to it. I have the blog set up to show one article at a time and earlier today it showed a column by Neil Macdonald, senior Washington correspondent for the CBC (their public broadcasting network) about free speech in America; specifically about many Americans and surprisingly many left of center Americans having what Macdonald suggests is a naive understanding of the importance of free speech when trying to stifle speech they find offensive or simply not in agreement with what their clique believes in.

The US is the only place that has constitutionally protected free speech, he says, but Americans seem intent on mussing it up. He rightly points out that once you give government the power to regulate any speech, it can eventually regulate whatever speech it wants to. He adds that thankfully, our courts have been wise enough to protect free speech in every instance.

Thank you Neil Maconald and of course we do remind ourselves now and then of the importance of free speech, and the well informed elite among us which includes me and everyone who reads this blog know full well we ought to appreciate our free speeechiness and not blow it, but I think Macdonald is correct in pointing out that in bending over backward to respect groups like Muslims or feminists, or women actually, we sometimes fall into the trap of deciding which speech should be protected and which shouldn't. Let it all go, is still the best attitude. Let 'er rip.


  1. Agree totally. And the nra can say whatever they want, call me anything they want, while I severely modify the 2nd amendment.

  2. New technology make the fight to preserve free speech harder and harder but the struggle under our constitution goes as far back as John Adams and the Alien and Sedition Acts.