Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Oil Etc.

University of California-Stanislaus professor Asad AbuKhalil, author of the widely read Angry Arab blog, now and then remarks about the Arab sense of humor. When Egyptians were filling the streets of Cairo, Alexandria, Giza and other cities, one of the primary chants was "The people want a new regime." AbuKhalil said there was a joke going around Cairo that in the halls of government the chant was "The regime wants a new people."

He posted this today. Apparently yesterday President Obama opened a Twitter account.

Speaking of oil, a bill was introduced in the US congress yesterday to protect wilderness areas in neighboring Utah, and only one New Mexico federal legislator signed on to co-sponsor the bill. Martin Heinrich. This baffles me.

I learned about this in an email from The Southwest Utah Wilderness Alliance (on the board of which sits Jim Baca, incidentally) that explained that it's members had been asked to ask their representatives to co-sponsor the bill, so if Heinrich heard about it so did Ben Lujan, Michelle Grisham and Tom Udall, who are all Democrats and Steve Pearce, our one Republican would have heard about it, too.

It's surprising to me because if the Democrats won't sponsor such a bill they must have the same reasons as Pearce does.

Also, Utah is probably the central state for a movement by conservatives in western states to wrest control of federally owned lands from the federal government and get it under the states' control so it can be sold off and developed and leased out for oil and gas drilling, and this is really something our Democratic legislators should be engaged in.


  1. As a fan of snark, having two daughters that are expert practitioners, I like it.

  2. hmmm I do belong to the NATURE CONSERVANCY maybe we'll be to buy Utah back and donate it to the Federal govt.