Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Planes, Trains, Automobiles

The Daily Kos Liberal web site has a layout of photos of some WWII airplanes not commonly talked about. I sent this link to my two brothers, Bob and Bill, in Michigan. As kids we were fascinated by airplanes and had models and posters and the gas powered Flying Tiger that flew around you on a cord and all that. We all are at varying places along the political spectrum now from Dittohead Bill to Socialist me and don't interact much for that and other reasons such as that we're all belligerent and anti social, but I'm thinking old airplanes is something we can all agree on.

I've been looking at radio controlled planes off and on. They have them now with electric motors, which really interests me because I could never get one of those little glow plug engines started.

The Merger of Business and the State

Ancestry.com has been caught handing over DNA samples people have been volunteering for ancestry purposes to law enforcement. They were found out because somebody had the police show up at their house suspecting them of murder because of a mistake in analyzing their sample.

We've got to get more control of our country than we have now, folks.

 The merger of business and the state is the definition of fascism. The antisemitism stuff just came along with the Nazi version. Along those lines, Robert Reich has a new take, he says, on why working people aren't gaining any any more and inequality keeps getting worse.

He also explains what's wrong with the TPP - more trickle down.

Comcast is of the Devil

I've written before about the deplorable Comcast service at my apartment complex. It's useless during the day. Here's why. The infrastructure is old and can't handle today's demands and they put absolutely no money into it and don't even maintain it.

I had thought there was one of these junction boxes for every building, but I see now that there's one for every row of buildings.  All those apartments have to share one line and there's splice upon splice upon splice in the junction box. I'm assuming it doesn't work during the day because they haven't increased the capacity of their infrastructure to keep pace with today's big TVs and powerful computers. I have Century Link now.

I'm sorry but I don't have anything about trains and automobiles but I couldn't think of a title for this post and I like that movie with Steve Martin and John Candy.

Not yet anyway, but you just wait.

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