Wednesday, May 27, 2015


The queen of England gave a speech before parliament today, some kind of ceremonial opening-day address where she runs down parliament's agenda, so since the Torries have complete control of the government it will be the Conservative Party agenda.

Whenever any one of the "royal family" raises their head my British Twitter buddies give them due respect.

The royal family costs UK taxpayers several hundred million per year, plus they have a lot of personal wealth of the type old money people have, "holdings" as they say. Stocks, real estate, etc. There are always some in England agitating for doing away with the monarchy and once in awhile it rises to the level of the media but then someone promptly throws cold water on such talk by saying the monarchy brings in more money in tourism than it costs the people.

That's actually not that hard for me to believe, but then the question becomes who gets that money, and who pays the taxes that support the monarchy? Owners of airlines and motel chains profit while stewardesses and people who clean the room pay the taxes.

To me, the problem with having a monarchy and that whole system of dukes and lords and the whole thing is that it helps perpetuate ideas that some people are better than others. We have no formal class system here but we can see how wealth and the celebrity it brings creates a class system in peoples' minds as it creates one in fact.

One of the benefits of the Marxist analysis is that it takes any kind of actually existing class system into account.


  1. England has changed so much since the end of WW2, immigration, the wonders how long the idea of 'royalty' will last. I have no real feelings about it one way or another, but it is fascinating how much interest it engenders over here. Remember the wedding of Charles and Diana?
    I think some PhD candidate should explore the issue of a concept remaining when the functionality has stopped. England's royalty would fit the bill.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Mike.

      I have this notion that our generation never really grew up. Consider all these women who are into New Age religion and witchery or who run around dressed like goddesses and other kinds of fantasy characters and call themselves goddesses on Facebook and all these men who run around in Harley Davidson rider costumes and cowboy costumes and sports gear. The political polarity is a manifestation of it, too, perhaps. It requires some maturity to see another point of view, and, to compromise.

      Princes and Princesses. Dragons. Knights in shining armor. Go Bears. Go Lakers. Cowboys suck.