Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Uber and Lyft

Apparently one of the jitney cab companies is pulling out of New Mexico because the state has imposed some regulations on them. In article about it in NM Political Report they interviewed a realtor who uses his car as a jitney cab at night, and brought up the subject of people who use these cab services instead of driving drunk, and all the comments focused on that and people thought it was shame that the state isn't letting these jitney can companies just go at it. This was my comment:

There's more to this than drunk driving. These ride share companies are competing with cab companies that have to adhere to a pretty strict regulatory regime that ensures the safety of the vehicles, the drivers, how long the drivers can drive in a stretch and so on. Like other such regimes, such as the one that regulates me in trucking, it developed over a long time and for good reasons, to make sure the public is safe, and there were plenty of horror stories along the way. Take this realtor as an example. He stays up all day selling real estate and then drives all night, and there's nothing to prevent him from driving drunk or on drugs or driving a car with no brakes. Leave it go and those things will happen. We have regulations for plumbers, architects, contractors, electricians, and so forth, so we don't have houses that fall down or burn up when you leave the lights on. It's also unfair. It's expensive keeping up with all the regulations, and to let someone compete without having all that expense isn't right.

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