Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Udall Joins Heinrich In Opposing Fast Track

I received an email reply yesterday from NM Sen Tom Udall to something I sent him urging him to oppose the "fast track" authority wanted by the president so he can ram through the TPP trade deal being negotiated secretly with Pacific Rim countries. "Fast track" authority lets a president negotiate a treaty without senate oversight or input, then puts its up for an "up or down" vote only, so that if a senator doesn't like a particular provision he or she is put in the position of being blamed for stopping the entire deal if they want to vote no because of that one provision. "Fast track" would also cover a similar trade deal being negotiated secretly with the European Union, I believe, which is called TPIP.

I haven't seen where Udall has come out publicly against "fast track" but in his email he pretty much echoes what Martin Heinrich said earlier when he was one of the first to com out publicly against "fast track". Udall wants to look at it first so he can try to remove things that aren't in the interests of American workers. His email says:

"As a member of the Senate, I fight to ensure that our trade agreements are fair, protect the environment, and increase support for American workers, businesses, and agricultural producers. That is why I have voted against Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) in the past. TPA is a "fast track" mechanism that limits Congress' authority to provide advice or alter trade agreements that require changes in U.S. law."

I also received an email today from Tammy Baldwin, the Liberal Wisconsin senator, wanting me to sign a petition against fast track. It's surprising that Democrats are coming out so publicly against the president. Udall isn't mentioned in the petititon email but I noticed this at the bottom:

Udall for US All is Udall's campaign fund.

The president is making the rounds promising us that the TPP will make us all prosperous and happy. Don't believe it for a minute. He's claiming that it has built in worker protections, whatever that means. It doesn't have any.

After spending his first 6 1/2 years in office doing everything he can to keep US worker's pay low and pump up corporate profits at our expense, and dining with Wall Street big shots and ignoring low income and unemployed Americans, the Hypocrite in Chief is running around scolding us for causing the situation in Baltimore and lecturing us about how we ought to do something, and claiming this TPP trade deal he's secretly negotiated is good for us. If it's so good, why is he trying to keep what's in it a secret?

None of these trade deals, NAFTA, CAFTA, none of them, have done anything but drive down wages in all the countries that belong to them, and NAFTA put small farmers in Mexico put of business by the millions and was the primary cause of mass migration to the US from the South, which only ceased when Obama's luncheon companions drove the US economy into the ground.

Incidentally, Pam Geller, in the news now because of the Mohamed cartoon drawing cartoon she held in Texas that resulted in two people being killed, didn't just appear out of nowhere. She's been around a long time spewing anti Islam hatred from her Atlas Shrugs web log and on cable TV. Atlas Shrugs of course is the novel by wacko libertarian Ayn Rand that many modern far right wing Republicans think of as their Bible. It centers around the phallus symbol the skyscraper and Rand's fantasy about a man building one singlehandedly. Rand, who received Social Security benefits but thought the program should be eliminated, is the role model for current Republicans who don't want to pay any taxes themselves but are the first ones to line up at the public trough, like Ted Cruz, who receives Obamacare benefits but wants to end the program.

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