Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Update: TPP Juggernaught Put On Pause

It's the top story right now of course that Democrats stood (nearly) united to prevent the advancement of legislation that will allow the president to "fast track" the onerous TPP trade deal. The TPP isn't dead, of course, but Democrats, bowing to pressure from their constituents, might be looking over the president's shoulder now while he rams the TPP down our throats.

The Hillary Factor

It's noteworthy that Hillary Clinton has waffled and otherwise stayed out of the debate. In other words, she didn't exactly join Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders in opposing the draconian NAFTA on steroids trade treaty, but didn't come to the president's rescue, either.

There's hope. Not that the president or Hillary or congressional Democrats will turn their backs on their corporate masters, but that we the people will stay angry and get more angry about what's being done to us, and will force them to.

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