Monday, June 22, 2015

Burger King

White Privelege Contd...

In the post below are a few pictures demonstrating the difference between being Black and being White in this country as it plays out in reatment by law enforcement, and there are many, many such examples on the internet now.
The final picture showed racist mass murder suspect Dylan Roof, who received not only preferential treatment but was being protected by police, who gave him a bullet proof vest to wear while he was being transported.

The Charlotte Observor has a revealing account of how Roof was treated after his arrest by Shelby, NC police. Other media have reported that Shelby police received a tip from a woman who recognized Roof and had the woman follow Roof until they could get out there to arrest him.

The Observer reports that while they were questioning Roof he said he was hungry so they treated him to a Burger King meal. A prisoner has to eat, you might say. Remember also that Roof wasn't beaten up. He wasn't tortured to extract a confession, as happens routinely to African Americans. See Chicago, and New York. See many places in the US. He wasn't shackled and thrown into a cold cell face first. He wasn't shot on sight.

Shelby police sat in an office with him and they chatted while Roof enjoyed a Burger King.

Roof is White. He killed Black people.

Shelby, NC police chief Jeffrey Ledford

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