Sunday, June 14, 2015


Keep an eye on little Ecuador, where Rafael Correa has been angering the US by building one of the most progressive economies in the hemisphere but where a wealthy US-backed elite that's intending to take him down one way or another has been rapidly escalating its efforts.

Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela, Evo Morales, Bolivia, Rafael Correa, Ecuador (Cubadebate)
An ongoing series of opposition street protests that turn violent are modeled after US-organized attempts to destabilize Venezuela last year and oust Socialist president Nicolas Maduro. You can bet US agents are active in Ecuador, too. The opposition is also working to get the US-dominated OAS to intervene.

Correa, re-elected in 2013 with 57 percent of the vote, 30 points more than his closest rival, was the subject of an attempted coup by the country's police forces in 2010 and has warned this week of efforts by the opposition to organize a military coup.

Early in his tenure Correa made US forces leave Ecuador and he has provided Wikileaks founder Julian Assange with asylum in the Ecuadorean embassy in the UK since 2012.

For more analysis see here and here. Maduro has called for an emergency meeting of CELAC, the replacement body for the OAS created by countries in the region.


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