Saturday, June 20, 2015

In Trouble With The Police?

Invited to a children's pool party in a white neighborhood

Stopped for a broken taillight.

Arrested for selling single cigarettes.

Involved in a shootout that left nine dead.

Arrested for murdering nine Black people.

Provided by police with a flack jacket.

This is a sick fucking country, people.


  1. You've made a fan, Frank. My oldest, Kate thinks you're quite correct, and coming from here that's the accolade. Thanks for the comment on my blog, you write well.

    1. Thank for the comment and compliment, Mike, and you are welcome. I appreciate your daughter's endorsement, too.

  2. I continue my education with Bubba & Mike. Especially your previous very well written post. The part there about a lack of critical thinking skills on the part of many (most)? Americans hurt though while like ly true. As a social studies & history teacher I tried to enliven the later with good stories and the former with critical thinking skills. :(

    1. I did not mean any offense but I am sorry. The last time I checked though, just now, Minnesota was still pretty Blue, an oasis of well informed, critical thinkers. They had to pick it up somewhere and being as most of the residents no doubt attended public school there you are in circumstantial trouble that way.

      There was a meme going around awhile back with a picture of Mark Dayton with these words printed over it:

      "Hello America. I am Minnesota's Democratic Governor Mark Dayton. Although Republicans nearly lost their minds and predicted an economic disaster, I raised taxes on the wealthy and raised my state's minimum wage a few years ago. Today, my state's economy is creating jobs at a record pace, unemployment is at a historic low, median income is skyrocketing, and my state has a billion dollar surplus -- which I'm going to invest in education."

      I see from his Wikipedia article that he graduated from high school in Minneapolis, Minnesota. But even (being a rich heir) attending the exclusive, private Blake School, he still somehow managed to be quite unlike most Americans, and many, many Democrats, those from New Mexico included, who have uncritically adopted Reaganomics. You've got the DFL fer crissakes. I could go on and on.

      Thanks for the comment tb!

    2. I had a brief stint as an instructor at Cal....I was a TA, the prof that was on my grad committee was the teacher had an accident and I took over the course for the semester. This was decades ago, but I was surprised at the number of students that lacked the ability to think critically.
      It's tough to instill that skill when most religions discourage it, and so many prefer faith-based thinking to scientific rational thought.

    3. Interesting. That sounds like an interesting experience though. Thanks for the comment.