Thursday, June 25, 2015

Like Country of Origin Labeling For Meat? You Won't Like TPP

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Brazil and Mexico just won a judgement in a secret court in Geneva that will force the repeal of country of origin labeling on meat sold in the US.

It sounds unreasonable, but Brazil and Mexico challenged our country of orignin labeling under the WTO treaty and just recently won.

A treaty becomes part of the US constitution, remember, and this TPP is a treaty, not a "trade agreement," as the media like to call it.

Country of origin labeling has overwhelming support, but it's gone now. The TPP treaty is full of this kind of stuff. Only 6 of its 30 chapters have anything to do with trade. Mostly it's about expanding corporate rights -- to long term monopoly patents on medicines, for example,.

Ralph Nader breaks down the TPP here. And here.

President Obama wanted "fast track authority" and got it. Now I'm hoping details of the TPP, which is being negotiated in secret with 400 large corporations, become known widely enough that congress has no choice but to reject the entire treaty.

No one touts the benefits of NAFTA anymore. It's accepted that it hurt workers in both the US and Mexico. The TPP is more of the same and goes much further. It's as they say, NAFTA on steroids.

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