Saturday, June 13, 2015

New Mexico Delegation to Obama:

(Updated below)

All our New Mexico federal representatives yesterday said "No" to President Obama ramming through the Trans Pacific Partnership big gift to big business trade treaty, joining our two senators who voted against so called "TPP fast track" two weeks ago.

Democrats Michelle Grishm and Ben Lujan stood up to some high pressure lobbying by the president and his administration.

Conservative Republican Steve Pearce voted against fast track also. Reports that Pearce was confused and thought he was voting against sun rooms turned out to have been fabricated by me.

The president having "fast track" authority to push through the treaty without any debate in congress is said to be necessary for the treaty's passage because it's believed some of the Pacific Rim allies involved in the top secret negotiations with the US and several hundred corporations will not sign it if the US congress is permitted to have any say in the treaty. This is because opposition to the treaty runs deep in congress especially among Democrats who would try to modify the treaty in ways that would protect workers from some of the more obvious forms of exploitation owing to the approaching 2016 elections.

Unfortunately the treaty, which dramatically expands copyright protections for big corporations and pharmaceutical companies, and will allow corporations to sue local, state and federal governments that pass any law that affects their profits or potential future profits, will likely end up passing anyway, as congressional leaders intend to keep holding votes on the "fast track" provision until it passes.

Update: EU Observer, published in Brussels, carries news about the European Union. It's kind of the voice of the EU in English. It quickly came out with an article saying the vote by congress could harm prospects for not only the TPP but a similar treaty the Obama Administration is negotiating with European countries, TTIP, Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, which doesn't get near the coverage as TPP but is just as bad.

EU Observer casts Obama's House defeat as coming at the hands of an "unusual coalition of left-wing Democrats and Tea Party Republicans."

I cite this last paragraph as an example that public discourse in Europe has followed a path similar to that in the US, where fiscally conservative parties like Democrats as considered to be "left-wing." In Europe the same thing has happened, as formerly leftist parties have turned to the right following the retrenchment of Capital known as Neoliberalism that was first popularized by Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan and then with formerly Leftist parties' cooperation became the status quo. Tony Blair's "New Labour" party oversaw the dismantling of much of the UK social safety net. The French Socialist Party has done the same in France. In Germany the Social Democratic Party has been in power for much of the time during which Germany, formerly home to the world highest paid workers, has become a cheap labor pool.

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