Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Nikki and Susie

Or, Nimrata and Susana, if you prefer.

South Carolina governor Nikki Hayley (full name Nimrata Nikki Randhawa Hayley) by calling for the removal of the Ku Klux Klan flag from her state's capital has propelled herself to the top of several pundits' Republican vice presidential nominee list, reports the New Republic. Hayley put her name out there as a VP candidate in 2012 by releasing one of those pre-candidacy autobiographies early in 2012, which got her a lot of network TV face time.

New Mexico's governor Susana Martinez, also frequently mentioned as a potential Republican vice presidential nominee, has not yet released the autobiography -- her handlers are still writing it. But she's been campaigning non stop for the VP job since she was elected governor five years ago and has spent as much time out of state schmoozing with Republican big money guys as she has being governor.

At the Martinez campaign headquarters, the Albuquerque Journal, they are completely ignoring the Nikki Hayley-KKK flag story.


  1. Susana, not Susie, La Tejana Susana.

    1. Well excuse me. Surely they have nicknames down there. Susie Tejusie? She tells the story of working in her dad's security company carrying a gun as big as she was: Six gun Suzie?

      Thanks for the comment.