Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Christian Thing To Do

Awhile back Jim Baca on his Only In New Mexico blog posted a news story from Vice.com called America's Most Heavily Armed Church. It's about New Life Baptist Church in Albuquerque, a right wing church where the pastor is a cop and all the men wear guns to church and they have drills to prepare themselves for an armed invasion.

Just listening to the preacher talk to the reporter you can see that it's one of those churches that makes selective use of the Bible to push a right wing political agenda. Most of the denominations that have grown rapidly in the past couple of decades are of this strain, from big ones like Southern Baptist to small independents. The religious right, basically. They take all their doctrine from the books written by Paul and simply ignore the teachings of Jesus, i.e. the gospels.

The New Life Baptist church is across the street from my apartment complex on Los Volcanes Road and I see them come and go sometimes while I'm walking over to where I park my trucks on Airtport Drive and in the past few days they've been demonstrating what makes them so heartwarming. The other day a guy was pulling weeds from the xeriscape and tossing them in the gutter, so they'll wash down into the storm drain system and pollute the Rio Grande or else clog up the storm drains and we can pay city workers to unclog them. In other words, make it somebody else's problem.

About a week ago someone left a Smith's Supermarket grocery cart on the sidewalk that goes beside the church on Airport. The grocery cart was half on the sidewalk and half in the xeriscape that is New life Baptist Church's side yard. It sat there all week. Monday morning I came back from doing my Holbrook relay and saw that someone had pushed the cart across the street and into the weeds. They made it someone else's problem.

There's a phrase I used to hear now and then. "The Christian thing to do.." The Christian thing to do would have been for someone to put the grocery cart in the back of their pickup and take it to the Smith's Supermarket at Central and Coors about a mile away.

The Christian thing to do would be to take care of your weeds yourself and not make someone else take care of them for you.

Someone posted a remark on the internet the other day that said;

Christians say the problem is that Christianity isn't taught in schools. The problem is that it isn't taught in church.

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