Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Disobedient Greeks

The stock markets don't like it that Greece isn't heeling under to its creditors. The Wall Street Journal today in a story with the sneering headline "Greek Suicide Watch" haughtily lectures Greeks about the consequences they face for not severely slashing their own wages and pensions. A weekend financial service article solemnly reports, "U.S. investors brace for more Greece debt drama."

In other words, rich people are concerned about what's being played out in Greece, and what's playing out in Greece is a classic example of an attempt by the Capitlist class to discipline the working class, and the working class resisting, or at least trying to.

The ramifications go far beyond Greece. The Capitalist class is well aware of the potential that working class insubordination will spread from country to country. Greece is important because similar cases of working class insubordination threaten to or have already broken out in many other places, Spain, for example, where PODEMAS Party candidates are winning elections, and earlier in the US with Occupy Wall Street.

What's happening in Greece is that the capitalist class, represented by the European Central Bank, the EU leadership and the IMF, the so called Troika, urgently want to break the spirit of working class resistance that has most recently broken out in Greece with the election last year of the Syriza Party.

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