Friday, June 26, 2015

The Rainbow House

The first time I saw this on my Twitter feed tonight I thought it might be somebody's Photoshop job but no, it's all over the place now.


He shows these flashes of occasional brilliance. Bathing that big white house in a rainbow. I looked at part of his Charleston eulogy, where he sings from his soul and gyrates before the congregation channeling Cornel West. That was very emotional for a fanatic Socialist Black gospel music fan like myself. It's hard to think about going back to bland white presidents who stiffly maintain the "dignity of the office," as the media likes to say.

While brother in chief gyrates, though, home ownership in the US has reached a 20-year low, and it's been steadily declining all that time. How is it that home ownership, the checkpoint for the American Dream, has reached a 20-year low? Twenty years. Oh, but gay marriage. Oh, escaped convicts. Do a Google search for living standard in the USA and you find opinions. Some say it's declining. Others say it isn't. Other that it's not declined all that much. What you won't find is the expectation that it will ever go again.

Oh, that Democrats would lead. That Obama, and Grisham and Heinrich would get emotional about the American workers whose living standard have declined, who have lost their homes, who are paying higher rent, while they hobnobbed with the criminal bankers. Oh that Democrats would get emotional about the lives that will end up in the toilet because of this Trans Pacific Partnership huge corporate giveaway treaty they're easing past us in slow motion. As they pose and pretend to be against it, and slowly slide it past our noses so we can gradually get used to its stink.

Oh, that the president would put his heart into singing for his drone strike victims, and the nations, now, of people living under sheets of plastic far from home, and all the dead because of the string of murderous Middle East wars he's started, that they are all are complicit in.

Oh, that we still possessed a soul.




  1. Money doesn't always trump the will of the people nor common sense. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. And patience is a virtue. Some patented clichés from my files Bubba after a couple of really good days..:.)

    1. Are you raining on my cynicism parade?

      Thanks for the comment TB. I hope you are right.