Thursday, June 11, 2015

TPP Could End Medicare

The media doesn't seem concerned about it but Wikileaks has published some leaked sections of the Trans Pacific Partnership treaty being secretly negotiated between the president, corporations and our Pacific Rim allies.

The treaty, which like all treaties, if passed would become part of the US Constitution, as per the US Constitution, sets up "tribunals" that will be made up of corporate lawyers and if any government -- federal, state or local -- makes any law that any corporation can claim costs the corporation any profits or future profits, the tribunal can levy a fine of that amount on the government.

This is the opposite of discouraging investment. It's discouraging governments from making any law to protect their citizens from environmental hazards or corporate fleecing or anything, really. Imagine a city government wanting to deny a permit for a mine because it would pollute their water. A company like the Rio Tinto multinational mining giant could easily drive that city into bankruptcy if the paw was passed, and threatening to would simply make the city back down. I wrote awhile back about the small Central American country Costa Rica that's been hit with a big fine like that under another treaty.

The latest Wikileaks leak reveals that programs like Medicare and Medicaid have been explicitly listed in drafts of the TPP treaty as programs that can be challenged by corporations for cutting into their profits.

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