Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Adam Smith

"The rich should contribute to the public expense, not only in proportion to their revenue, but something more than that proportion... To remedy inequality of riches as much as possible, by relieving the poor and burdening the rich."

That's from Adam Smith, the classical economist who's considered the father of Capitalism.

Imagine hearing your local Democratic congress member or senator saying something like that. They never say anything remotely like it. Modern Democrats, including the entire New Mexico delegation, are fiscal conservatives. Republicans who are liberal on two social issues, abortion and gay rights.


  1. I first noticed this during the Reagan administration, democrats announcing they were social liberals and fiscal conservatives. You gotta give Bonzo credit, he really shifted the focus and changed the demo party as much or more than his own.
    It's hard to imagine someone like Humphrey being elected now....however, let's remember that those 'old democrats' had feet of clay also.....HHH also proposed legislation that would have made membership in the communist party illegal, and a few other unsavory bills.
    What's interesting to me is how the American public have been duped into thinking that any policies like Sanders is proposing are a bad think (think also the ACA) when in actuality they would benefit most middle and low income people. Sanders is a socialist, so any policy of his must be bad. Obama is a (fill in the blank), so anything he proposes is bad.

  2. Great quote by Adam Smith, but alas politicians are in a whole different space when it comes to remedying inequalities between the poor and the rich. Greetings!

    1. Thanks for the comment!

      Alas I think you're right. Everything to them is simply a means, or not, to the end of furthering the interests of the class they serve.

  3. Point well made and taken. Thanks for the comment.

    For the several points, actually. On Reagan, I think you put your finger on it, as they say. He didn't implement much himself, but sure changed the subject and the language used to talk about politics.

    I hold out hope though. On that, I listened to an interview last night with a prof who has a new book out about policy makers during the early Cold War. The people who'd laid the theoretical framework they subscribed to and who were being taught in colleges and read by the elites who made Cold War policy had witnessed not only the Russian revolution but things like perfectly good democracies in Germany and Japan falling apart overnight. All those were taken over by authoritarian, totalitarian minorities, and it imbued policy makers with the feeling that drastic measures had to be taken to preserve democracy. But he said those people aren't being taught and read any more.

    Young people know not of any of it and aren't reflexively anti socialist. A lot of Cold Warriors are still around though, and there's this latent anti communism that been adopted by dittoheads and so forth so that every Democrat is a socialist now, and I'm hoping the term loses any coherent meaning.

    As for typos, my typing grows progressively worse all the time. I'd think someone like you would have a spleen correktor on your computer.

    1. Regarding the computer is an invasion of my territory, and as such is an enemy. Since we can live, albeit rather cautionary lives after loosing a spleen, we can still live and function. I choose this for me and my komputer, and it's korrecktor....... ergo no spleen korrector...

    2. You must be better at this than I. With each successive computer I get the spell checker is more invasive and bullying and I don't know how to make it stop. It now changes words as I type then, changing what I want to say to what it wants to say. I have the Apples so maybe that's it. People complain that they are more uppity than the Windows machines.