Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Gaza One Year On

A year ago Israel began its most recent massacre in Gaza when the apartheid Zionist state slaughtered more than 2,200 Gazans, 1,462 of them civilians, and destroyed large parts of Gaza. Because of Israel's ongoing blockade of the small enclave no repairs have been made and thousands of Gazans still live in the ruble of their former homes.

NBC photo

Israel controls all entrances to and exits from Gaza save one which Egypt's military dictatorship controls and keeps closed at Israel's request. When Israel launches one of it's periodic slaughters Gazans have no way of escaping. In this latest attack Israel was cited by the UN for deliberately targeting civilian areas. After past massacres Israel has been cited for using cluster bombs and fleshing eating chemical weapons. Israeli attacks on Gaza have to do with internal Israeli politics and come in the weeks prior to elections in Israel.

During this most recent slaughter some 60 Israel's died, some from "friendly fire." In one instance an Israel officer was killed with an Israeli airstrike when it was feared he would be captured. Western media portray the Israeli massacres in Gaza as wars and suggest there are similar numbers killed on both sides, and claim Israel launches its massacres to "defend itself"  from "rocket fire" coming from inside Gaza, but never explain that militants in Gaza occasionally launch small homemade rockets into the largely unpopulated southern Israel in retaliation for repeated Israel violations of ceasefires; which consist of rocket fire into Gaza,  mortar fire into Gaxa and missiles fired from jet fighter planes into Gaza with the intention of assassinating Palestinian leaders.

Media also uncritically reprint Israeli claims such as that Palestinians fired rockets from civilian areas necessitating the Israeli attacks on civilian areas, that later are proven to be outright fabrications and report Israel's gross exaggerations of the numbers of rockets Palestinians fire into Israel. Two of the many examples of this are here and here.

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