Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Hillary And The Coup Against Mel Zelaya

Recently released emails from the private account of then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton confirm Obama Administration complicity in the illegal 2009 coup that removed Honduran president Manual "Mel" Zelaya from office. The revelations, which have been, naturally, entirely ignored by the mainstream media, only confirm what many on the Left already knew, that President Obama and Hillary Clinton supported Zelaya's removal and that US operatives helped bring it about. I've written on several occasions about Obama Administration maneuvers that prevented Zelaya's return which was being supported by mass Honduran street demonstrations that were lethally suppressed..

Manual "Mel" Zelaya - photo Jose Cruz/ABr
Spearheading the coup against Zelaya was then Clinton adviser John Negroponte, a state department veteran heavily involved in the decades long "dirty wars" of Latin America when US funded militaries trained at the School of the Americas in Georgia murdered and tortured hundreds of thousands of their fellow citizens. The Honduran coup has been followed by severe and lethal oppression of Honduran civil society and especially its well organized teachers.

Zelaya, a wealthy member of the Honduran landowning elite elected in 2006 on a conservative platform, turned Leftward after being elected. He brought Honduras into Hugo Chavez' ALBA trade group and implemented many reforms that helped the Honduran poor and working class.

Which, as in the case of many other Leftist Latin American leaders and governments, infuriated the US ruling elite who loathe anyone setting a good example in what they consider their back yard.

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