Friday, July 3, 2015

No Capital Outlay Required

Free classic movies, free audio books, free online courses, free ebooks. Lots and lots and lots of other free stuff for your edification and enjoyment can be had here at the Open Culture web site.

This is an amazing site. It was fun just scanning some of the categories. The lists of free books, the lists of free movies, go on and on. I tried a few links and they worked. They collect things from all over. One link was to 1,000 free online courses from top universities.

The old IWW poster I posted here is part of a new addition of 2,200 classic protest posters. The editor of The Nation magazine, Katrina Vandenheuvel, posted a link to it which led me to the site.

In introducing the new posters, Josh Jones, the University of North Carolina scholar and an editor at the Open Culture project, writes:

 "I recently heard someone say his college-bound nephew asked him, “What’s a union?”"

The days of the American Empire are numbered, folks, but at least its cultural output and that of Western Europe from which it springs will be preserved on an NSA hard drive buried in the sand somewhere because it was posted here, and in the future they'll have an idea of what we were all about.

Meanwhile we, the last literate inhabitants of Imperial America, can spend our remaining days pleasantly.

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