Monday, July 6, 2015

Note To Palestinians: Forget Democrats

Hillary Clinton has sent a  letter to some big money Israel lobby figures saying the BDS Movement must be crushed, as reported in Politico magazine. Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions is a movement started by Palestinian civil society that has slowly gained steam over the years, in the US and even more so in Europe, and is now seen by top Israel officials as the greatest threat Israel faces. It's modeled after a similar movement against that other racist apartheid regime, South Africa, and was one of several primary factors in bringing about change there, the defeat of the South African Army in neighboring Angola by Cuban troops being another, but the BDS part had a lot to do with bringing the public's attention to South Africa and forcing the white supremacist power elite in the US and Europe to turn on its white South African allies.

Anyone who knows Hillary's record won't be surprised that she's 100 percent behind Israel and supports it's ongoing theft of Palestinian land, it's periodic slaughters of Gazans, its routine imprisonment and torture of thousands of Palestinians at a time including children, and all the rest.

But don't expect anything different from Bernie Sanders, who had another big turnout last night, in Portland, that has the social media Progressives who have propelled his campaign into the mainstream, all excited.

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